Here Are Investing Tips For Mortgage Note Investments As 2021 Closes

by Feb 15, 2022

Are you looking for a new investment vehicle for 2022? Why not consider investing in mortgage notes. Mortgage notes are a real estate investing strategy that is great for investors with no prior experience in investing in real estate or those who do not have the funds to invest in physical properties.

If you’re interested in learning how to invest in mortgage notes, here are some tips!

First, what is a mortgage note?

Mortgage notes, also known as real estate notes, are legal documents where a loan and its terms are thoroughly discussed.

Mortgage notes are not mortgages, though. A mortgage is an entirely separate document from the mortgage note, although the two are created at the same time. A mortgage note refers to a document that links the physical property to the note and serves as collateral for the loan. This means that in the event of a breach of contract, the property may be transferred to the lender.

A mortgage note indicates who the lender and borrowers are, how much money was borrowed from the lender, and the terms that accompany the loan such as the interest rate and loan time frame.

What are some mortgage notes investment tips I should know for 2022?

Those who invest in mortgage notes earn money by buying mortgage notes from private lenders or banks who no longer want the notes. This could be due to an imbalance in funds and a need to liquidate it.

When an investor purchases mortgage notes, they purchase the debt stipulated in the note. So, to make money, the investor needs to collect payments from the borrower. This will also include collecting interest. Using this basic concept of mortgage notes investing is then a stable way to earn passive income.

But there are other things you need to consider.

Types of notes

There are two main types of notes you can invest in: performing and non-performing mortgage notes. Performing notes, or notes where the borrower is still actively paying, is considered a good investment because it is a source of passive income. All the investor needs to do is to wait for the money to come in every month. The thing is banks and lending unions rarely sell performing notes because it is still earning money.

Mortgage notes that are available in the market are what are called non-performing notes. These are notes where the borrower has stopped making payments, but the note is still not defaulted. So, if someone invests in a non-performing note, they are purchasing debts that are not being paid.

How to invest in mortgage notes

If you’re planning on investing in mortgage notes, you’re most likely going to be investing in non-performing notes. As with any investment, you’ll obviously want to make the most out of your investment, to do that you need to:

1. Adjust the terms

One of the main reasons a borrower stops paying for their loan is they are financially not able to. To get them to start paying again, you can negotiate new terms with the borrower. An investor can adjust the time frame or reduce the interest rate. They can also do both.

2. Transfer the property

Another thing you can do is assume ownership of the property. This is especially true for borrowers who refuse to pay for payments which require investors to take drastic measures. Once the investor has transferred possession to their name, they can then flip the house, sell it, or have it rented out.

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