Holding My Mortgages Notes: Is it A Good Idea Or A Bad Idea?

by Jan 14, 2022

Mortgage notes are a form of promissory notes where a homeowner puts into writing that they promise to pay off their debt to their lenders. As the borrower in the note, you have the option to sell your mortgage note or to hold on to it.

In this article, we’ll be teaching you more about the process of buying and selling mortgages notes.

Why do people invest in mortgage notes?

A mortgage note is a real estate note where the homeowner promises to repay the debt or loan they took out for their home. The note will contain specific terms on the payment, including how much to pay, when to pay, and at what interest rate. The mortgage note is typically worth less than the full price of the property. This is because the home’s down payment is already deducted from the price to be paid (as it is assumed that the homeowner paid for the down payment prior to taking out a loan).

When holding mortgage notes, the seller has the option to keep the notes until the loan has been fully paid off or they can choose to sell them to note buyers.

What does holding mortgage notes mean?

Paying off for a property is no easy feat. So, when the time comes for you to sell your mortgage note, you want to ensure you are making the most out of it.
Holding mortgage notes is a great way to diversify your investments and income streams. However, you should still exercise caution when holding mortgage notes. You want to make sure you sell your mortgage note under air-tight conditions. Selling a mortgage note on your own may be difficult, so it’s best to consult with a real estate attorney or have a professional work with you through it.

Should I sell my mortgage note?

Holding notes is beneficial to the note owner because it ensures they receive a stable passive income each month as long as is stated in the contract. If you don’t need a lump sum (as in the event of selling the property), it may be better for you to hold the note instead, so you still receive a predictable monthly income.

On the other hand, if you choose to sell your home, private financing may be a good way to attract potential buyers. Your home could sell much quicker especially to those who prefer not to go through the mortgage process with a bank. Buying a house with a loan can take at least two months in most states, so holding onto the note allows you to sell your property quickly and more conveniently.

How holding mortgage notes can benefit the buyer

Holding mortgage notes is also good for the buyer. Like we mentioned earlier, one of the biggest advantages of borrowing from a private financer is not having to deal with the bank. When opting for a privately financed property, your prospective buyer can skip the lengthy bank mortgage process and move into their new home much quicker.
Another way holding notes is beneficial to buyers is that it allows them to buy a home they may not have been able to get (by traditional means).

Can I make money from holding mortgage notes?

Holding notes can be a great way to earn money. It creates a favorable situation for both seller and buyer alike, which means you get to a good price for your home while building on your savings at the same time. But you need to sell your note properly in order for you to make money. This means filing the correct paperwork and having your home appraised before selling it.

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