Is It Still A Good Idea to Purchase Mortgage Notes in Q4 2021

by Nov 5, 2021

Looking at the latest mortgage notes news might have you feeling a little confused, especially if you’re a first time investor. Before you make a final decision, it’s best to familiarize yourself with the process of investing in mortgage notes and knowing which types you can profit from.

Here are some tips to remember below:

Know the definition of a mortgage note

The basic first step should be familiarizing yourself with what a mortgage note is, and how it can benefit you.

A mortgage note is pretty handy if you want to buy a house, but aren’t able to pay cash at closing. You then take out a loan, pay part of the purchase price as down payment with your loan amount, then borrow the rest from a lending institution or bank. You will then receive a promissory note and mortgage.

Here is what the note contains:

  • How much was borrowed
  • Who borrowed from whom
  • Interest rate of loan
  • Timeline for repayment
  • What happens if default occurs

On the other hand, a mortgage is a separate document that essentially means this: the lender can take possession of a home if the borrower stops paying.

Learn what happens when you invest

The great thing about investing in mortgage notes is the minimal responsibilities that fall under you.

Buyers are responsible for their residences, and need to play taxes, maintain the home, and keep up with insurance.

Buying a note and a mortgage means buying the home buyer’s debt, and you can collect P&I (principal and interest) until the note is satisfied. In case default happens, you can even take legal action to regain the title from the home buyer.

You can get loans at a discount, especially if the note is non-performing. You can negotiate between 5 to 40% off with these kinds of loans, off their current market price or unpaid balance, whichever seems less.

Know what notes are performing and what aren’t

It’s best to look at notes that are performing, and to analyze why they have been performing so well before you start investing.

A performing note is one that hasn’t missed a payment on behalf of the borrower, whereas a non-performing note is characterized by the borrower missing out on a payment deadline that has passed 90 days.

Understand what you’re getting into

When purchasing a mortgage note, try to understand that you need to spend a lot of time researching the specific mortgage notes trends related to the market you want to invest in. A good benchmark to remember is to weigh your note’s rate of return versus the S&P’s historical return to estimate if what you have before you is an investment that’s worthwhile.

If a note is performing, expect that the return in S&P 500 is around 8 to 10% in the long term. Ask yourself if this prediction is worth it before proceeding.

If you want to make higher than this rate, perhaps investing in stocks may be a better option for you.

Find out the advantages

A good investment will lead you to the following results:

  • Additional monthly income – This is good for retirement and living expenses
  • High yield returns – They definitely will be higher than that of a bank.
  • IRA friendly process – Your IRA will likely be held and the funds are invested in a real estate investment company.
  • Rollover option – Don’t miss out on future earnings and investment opportunities with the option to automatically roll over your investment.

If you think a mortgage note can give you all of the above, it might be a good idea to invest.

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