Mortgage Notes 101: Where To Begin When Investing In Mortgage Notes

by May 11, 2022

If you want a profitable real estate investment that is also a reliable way to earn passive income, you might like mortgage notes. Although mortgage note investing is a great way to have big financial gains, not a lot of people know about it or know how to go about it. Equipped with the right tools and the financial know-how, mortgage note investing can easily bring you a favorable return on investment.

But what exactly are mortgage notes, and why should you invest in them? This article will tell you everything you need to know about mortgage notes investments in New York and how to rake in a profit.

What Are Mortgage Notes?

Mortgage notes, also known as real estate lien notes or borrower’s notes, are promissory notes secured by a mortgage loan. These notes can either refer to a mortgage or a Deed of Trust, but of course these depend on what state you’re doing business in or which security instrument you’re using.

Investing in real estate or mortgage notes is buying real estate without needing to manage it or becoming a landlord. Instead, in this kind of setup, the homeowner, instead of the bank, directly pays the lender. This then lets you collect a monthly payment, including both the interest and principal, when you purchase a mortgage note. Therefore, it is a constant stream of revenue similar to what you would get from a rental property, except unlike a landlord, there is no need to manage the property.

Basics of Mortgage Notes

As a note investor, you must consider the performance of the note and the priority of the lien. But before you get into the thick of note investing, you must first know the two basic kinds of mortgage notes available on the market. These are: performing notes and non-performing notes.

In performing notes, the borrower makes timely payments on the loan. When a lender originates a loan to a borrower they may then sell that loan to an investor who is looking for an asset that pays regular income. On the other hand, non-performing notes or non-performing mortgages are notes that involve lenders and investors who sell loans that are in default. You can generate income from non-performing notes by modifying the terms or foreclosing the loan.

If you’re looking to generate steady passive income, you should consider getting a performing note. However, in contrast with a non-performing note, the performing note is definitely cheaper. But with this vast difference in price comes difficulty in turning in profitability. Keep in mind that the nature of non-performing notes, specifically verging on being in default, is understably harder to make profitable. Performing notes tend to trade at or very close to their face value, but they generate stable income from day one.

There are many ways to start investing in mortgage notes. However, keep in mind that all investments carry some form of risk, so make sure you understand the risk factor before investing.

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