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Client Reviews

At Melanin Homes we do our best to provide excellent service every time, which is why we are proud to share our client reviews!

Kim Caton

Can’t express how pleased we were to work with Melanin Homes. Lorraine and her team are extremely professional, organized, efficient and very communicative. We look forward to working with them again in the future for any of our real estate needs. Thanks so much!
Shawn Tiberio
Melanin Homes is hands down one of the best real estate solution companies in the NY area. Very professional and always puts the needs of their clients at the forefront of the process. Highly recommend you discuss your real estate situation with them if you want a fair, no BS solution.
Suvarna Joshi
Melanin Homes is my go-to for all my real estate investment needs. These people are so knowledgeable and know their market well. You cannot go wrong with Melanin Homes, I highly recommend them!
Ritchie Batres
When my parents wanted to sell their house. Lorraine was passionate about helping and educating us in all aspects of Real Estate. I’ll be using Melanin Homes to buy my house in the future. Thank you for your hard work.
Peyton Leal
Melanin Homes is OUTSTANDING! The knowledge they bring and compassion towards finding real solutions to real estate issues is great!
Highly recommend.
LaVonne Your Realtor!
It was an absolute pleasure interacting with Melanin Homes, always courteous, always dependable and always put the client before the deal. You will not be disappointed.
Bee Kay
We had an incredible experience working with you Melanin Homes! Thank you for making this process so easy!
Matthew Lasater
Great professional folks at Melanin Homes. Answered all my questions and were great to work with.
Fais Dhirani
Outstanding customer service, also very experienced about real estate. Laid out a few options for us, which was best tailored for us!
Leo Martin
What an incredible team to work with. They have integrity, are professional, knowledgeable & very friendly. They really care about you & treat you with utmost respect every step of the way, no matter what the circumstances. I highly recommend them!
Melanin Homes, Thank you!
Mike Hader
We were looking for the right team to partner with and found Melanin Homes. They are highly professional, thoroughly trained, and very experienced. But, what really impressed us was the one-on-one time they took to meet and speak with us to make us and make us feel like family. After looking around, we couldn’t have found a better team of caring professionals to work with, and recommend them for your real estate solutions.
Ebony Jones
Working with Melanin Homes was the best decision we’ve ever made next to trusting God. Their professionalism, knowledge of the business and firm decision to listen to my wants and needs was more than I could’ve asked for. These days, you just need a business that care about you and your needs rather than their own financial gain. They brought back exceptional client service. I’d recommend Melanin Homes over and over again!
Manvir S Badyal
Always willing to go out of their way for the customer, truly appreciate the hard work this company puts in. They make sure to please the customer and their service is top notch. I would recommend Melanin Homes for all your real estate needs!
Joe Moennig
Lorraine and her team are amazing. Fantastic experience and highly recommended! A++ customer service!!
Sevealyn Smith
Lorraine and her team at Melanin Homes are very professional and knowledgeable in with the real estate market. They take pride in building great relationships and serve their clients with integrity. I highly recommend them for your real estate needs!
Lois V Morris
We are grateful for the education from the team. We had some questions about liens and pre-foreclosure and they were very helpful.
Justin Ure
Highly recommend Lorraine and her services! She’s kind, personable, honest, and knowledgeable! you won’t be disappointed!
Umar Mohammed
Their team is very professional, highly knowledgeable and experienced in solving real estate problems. I will definitely recommend them for any of your real estate solutions. Thank you Melanin Homes!!!