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About Company

Melanin Homes is a real estate solutions company specializing in passive income investment strategies through mortgage note investing nationwide. We are a trusted partner within the secondary mortgage market since 2019, which provides us the ability to work directly with investors who are looking for passive cash flowing assets, highly competitive returns on their investment and the opportunity to Become the BANK!

Through our extensive knowledge of this business, network of resources and years of expertise, we are able to assist investors with a wide variety of passive income investment opportunities. My team and I work one-on-one with investors who want the benefits of being a landlord and receiving passive income monthly without having to deal with tenants, toilets, trash or troubles. We work with investors who are struggling to gain access to affordable inventory below market value and investors who are looking for alternative investments in their portfolio, other than stocks or cryptocurrency, that are actually secured by real property. We also assist investors who are looking to build their nest egg through their individual retirement accounts by investing in real estate without having to actually own real property!

  • Are you an investor but don’t have time to look for deals?
  • Looking for ways to make your money work better for you passively?
  • Want to build generational wealth for your family?
  • Tired of earning negative interest on your money by keeping it in the bank?

Melanin Homes is truly committed to helping investors who are looking for investment opportunities that provide truly passive income. We focus on transparency, honesty, integrity and over-delivering on customer service. We pride ourselves on our reputation for working directly with each client to assist them with their passive income investment goals through mortgage note investing.

Our Process


Consult with Melanin Homes to discuss investment goals and establish Note buying criteria


Review LIVE inventory to identify asset(s) for Note purchase based on your specific investment goals and Note buying criteria


Perform due diligence and research on assets for Note purchase using nationwide tools and resources


Partner with Melanin Homes to close on your Note and become the BANK!

About Owner

we buy houses fast for cash
Lorraine Millington is a Bronx, NY native and she has been a legal, real estate and tax professional for almost 15 years. Lorraine has a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and English from Fairfield University and a Masters of Business degree in Finance and Data Analytics from Mercy College. She has vast knowledge and experience in various aspects of real estate including being a real estate sales agent as well as investment in real estate through wholesaling, rehabbing and rental properties. Lorraine currently specializes in purchasing Performing and Nonperforming loans all across the country and manages hundreds of thousands of distressed debt in her portfolio.

As a tax professional, Lorraine holds an Enrolled Agent certification for tax preparation which allows the ability to represent clients before the Internal Revenue Service. Lorraine’s extensive tax knowledge and experience allows her the unique ability to not only evaluate real estate transactions for profitability, but to help clients assess their potential tax liability based on their real estate investments and goals.

Lorraine can be seen regularly as a co-host of The Real Estate Vue podcast and she also speaks at various real estate groups and conferences across the country.

Her family roots in Jamaica and Barbados really inspired the desire for financial literacy and building generational wealth through real estate investing. She is passionate about helping others to establish financial stability through investing in income producing assets and helping investors earn higher returns on their investment while reducing their tax liability.