Your Go-To Guide for Mortgage Note Investment

by Nov 15, 2021

Curious about investing in mortgage notes? If you’re looking to buy for the first time and are wondering where to buy mortgage notes in NY, you’re definitely reading the right article! Like other investments, mortgage notes can promise decent returns but aren’t without their fair share of risks. It’s best to research thoroughly before you decide to buy, and we’re here to help you through the ins and outs of mortgage note investing.

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Definition of mortgage note

When purchasing a mortgage, a buyer will be beholden to a promissory note called a mortgage note in real estate transactions. These are legally binding documents that aren’t listed in the public market, but still represent the buyer’s obligation to eventually pay their loan in full to a lender.

The mortgage note is then held by the lender after the borrower signs all the required papers, and can only hold this until the buyer makes their final loan payment. While the loan is considered outstanding, it’s up to the lender to keep the note or sell it to the secondary market.

Kinds of mortgage notes



Like what its name stands for, a secured mortgage note usually means that it has a tangible asset attached to it, usually property. This means that if the borrower can’t pay off their loan, the lender is entitled to seize the tangible asset attached to it along with any relevant documents like titles.


These notes have a higher inherent risk attached to them due to their unsecured status. Meaning, there is no collateral attached, unlike with secured notes.

Private Loan

Individuals create these loans, so they could be your family members, coworkers, friends, private lenders, or sellers of the home you’re looking at. A seller with no mortgage themselves could create their own mortgage while selling their property to a buyer. Other terms for this kind of mortgage are seller-financed loans, seller carryback loans, and owner-financed loans.

Institutional Loan

These are typical loans you avail of at a bank or lending institution.

The benefits of investing in mortgage notes

If you work with the right company and turn over a good investment, this can be quite lucrative for you. Here are some benefits you can incur:


Passive Income

With the right investment, you can earn a bit more on top of any current job you might be working.

Lower expenses

None of the responsibilities of maintaining the property will be bestowed on you.

No need to pay real estate agents

You can purchase directly from sellers without an agent to consult with.

otential for higher returns

By monitoring the market, you can see how you can earn even more by investing.

The risks of investing in mortgage notes

Like investing in cryptocurrency or the stock market, mortgage notes are not without their risks. Best to analyze these risks to see if you aren’t too risk averse before you invest.

  • Borrower may completely default on the loan – This can lead to full foreclosure on the borrower’s part.
  • Measuring profitability might be difficult – Look at around 8-10% profit to be realistic.
  • Auctions could lead you to lose money – This can only happen if the property will be put up for auction and sold for less than the cost of the mortgage note
  • This isn’t insured by FDIC – There are certain risks involved when you invest in something uninsured by the government.

While weighing the risks and benefits, remember to also do some adequate research on the best location to buy mortgage notes for you. Try to interview the institutions about their return history and how seamless their process is.

Closing Thoughts

When trying to decide if looking at mortgage notes for sale is a good investment, make sure your research and trust in an institution can back you up.

You can buy mortgage notes quickly and efficiently through Melanin Homes, where we can help you buy mortgage notes in New York instantly and easily online through our website. In order to get highly competitive returns, we even offer free consultations for anyone interested in investing, with no requirement to invest if they aren’t ready yet.

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